The New Issue of The Lincoln Lion Now Available In The ‘READ Lincoln’ Mobile App

The new issue of The Lincoln Lion is now available

in the ‘READ Lincoln’ Mobile App

as well as previous editions of

The Lincoln Review and The Lincoln Lion.

If you have not already installed the mobile app, please follow the instructions below.

To install the mobile app, open the web browser on your smart phone

or tablet and type in the following link:

For IPhone and IPad:

When it opens a browser window on your phone, then click the square box with

the arrow coming out or ‘+’.  It will bring up a list of options, click on the Add

to Home Screen, and it will create an app button on your screen where there is free space.

For Android:

  • Bookmark the page you want to add to a Home screen
  • Open the browser “bookmarks” screen
  • Long-press the bookmark you want
  • Select “Add to Home screen”

Hard Copies of The Lincoln Lion Available Soon!


Founded in 1854, The Lincoln University (PA) is the FIRST of four Lincoln Universities in the world and is the nation’s FIRST degree-granting Historically Black College and University (HBCU).  The University combines the elements of a liberal arts and science-based undergraduate curriculum along with select graduate programs to meet the needs of those living in a highly-technological and global society.  Today, Lincoln, which enrolls a diverse student body of approximately 2,000 men and women, possesses an international reputation for preparing and producing world class leaders such as Thurgood Marshall, the FIRST African American U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Lillian Fishburne, the FIRST African American woman promoted to Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, Langston Hughes, the noted poet, Kwame Nkrumah, the FIRST President of Ghana, Nnamdi Azikiwe, the FIRST President of Nigeria and a myriad of others. 


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